Hacks: How to raise money for charity with a tee

Hacks: How to raise money for charity with a tee

Since setting up Merch Service we've been lucky enough to help raise money for some great causes - all just via making a tee. Last year Sofie K raised £840 for sistah space who are actively bridging the gap in domestic abuse services for African heritage women and girls. Back in May Fred CC along with eott UK raised £1017 for Help Musicians , whose work is providing a lifetime of support for UK musicians when it’s needed the most. 

How to raise money by selling t-shirts

We are no fundraising experts but thanks to you we've been able to raise a fair amount of money for some notable charities which we are beyond grateful for. We want to share what we’ve learnt when it comes to making tees for change, from beginning to end.

Make your own merch and make a change

After designing your killer tee for change and deciding which charity you want to support there are some key steps along with tips we found were a good road map when it comes to fundraising.

1. Be authentic. Choose a cause you and your audience cares about and make sure that the tee you create is something you would wear.

2. Chat to the head of the organization or community and make sure you know where the money raised is going to. This is a good way to ensure people that you know exactly where their money and support is going.

3. Make sure the design is sensitive to the cause , you don’t want to trivialise the issue you are supporting.   Research the cause properly to create the most appropriate design to raise awareness.

4. Make sure that you are aware of the fundraising rules of the charity you are supporting. This was a massive learning experience for us as we thought all charities would accept support in any form but there are indeed sometimes strict rules you need to follow.

5. Get creative with your marketing. Social media competitions and giveaways are good tools to get people involved. Thanks to Covid-19 finally coming to an end, we are able to do more hands-on activism again like events and marches. Hosting fundraising events with the charity you're supporting is always effective and really brings people together. 

6. Reach out to your friends and your community. Empower the people around you to support the cause in any way they can. Whether it’s copping a tee or just sharing a post, any support big or small matters

Go Fund Me, the largest crowdfunding platform in the world,  has some very helpful tips on their website that we highly recommend checking out.

We are so gassed to have been able to team up with our brilliant community of creators and create small change with our  Merch Service Tees. This is notably the bare minimum but also only the beginning! If you or any of your mates are interested in making a tee and making a change with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will happily offer support and tips throughout the whole process😎

Big love as always
– Fred, Freddy & The KH team

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