Merch Service Meets - LorenzoRSV

Merch Service Meets - LorenzoRSV

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Lorenzo RSV from NiNE8 collective about the message behind his killer Dice KH>MS merch.

The Keep Hush team have been big fans of Lorenzo and 98 for time and we were super gassed to sit down with him and to know once and for all, is west best? To know more about his journey, inspiring mindset and most importantly if he prefers ketchup or mayo, keep reading.

How did NiNE8 collective come together and how did you know you wanted to start a music group?

NiNE8 collective was actually a really natural thing. It started with Lava La Rue, she went to college with Mac Wetha and Biig Pig and then they started a collective and when they were throwing their first event I met Lava and supported her event and from there we just clicked. And that’s really been the thing with everyone in the group, starting from a natural connection.

What are your top 3 artists?

Pharell, Travis, Kanye West. All three of them have had a major impact on music as a whole and all three of them have had an impact on each other as well.

Favourite genre of music?

I would probably say Hip Hop, I was born and raised on it.

What is your favourite area of London?

West. And that’s not due to me living there, but it’s a certain bonding culture in west where everyone shares the culture together. In certain areas that push of compe­­titi­­veness sometimes goes too far, which I don’t really see the need for. In west it’s like we are all bros, we are all mutuals, you can go to Ladbroke Grove and you are gonna know everyone there. West is best.

Favourite condiment, ketchup or mayo?

Between the two, ketchup. However, nothing can top burger sauce.

Favourite moment of your career?

It’s probably when Tate used to put on these events called Tate Lates and 98 did an event there when we were dropping our first tape, no smoke volume one. When we decided to play the tape there, my mind was somewhere else but when I turned around to the crowd I was just like wow this huge room is actually packed.

Favourite song you've ever made?

Probably Forward, in colla­bora­tion with Sophie Demasi. Sophie’s voice is mad and she’s actually from west as well.

"When you are born you don't choose what life you get. Kind of like rolling a dice, you don't know what you are going to land on."

What's the message behind your merch?

From the title of my EP Dice, it’s based on the concept of when you are born you don’t choose what life you get. kind of like rolling a dice, you don’t know what you are going to land on. You have to just roll the dice and take the chance. The concept sort of came from the recent experience of the whole pandemic. You could either just sit and do nothing or just do the things you really want to do but in a different way. There are four songs on the EP so each of the symbols stand for each song but at the same time they represent each step of your life.

Who are you inspired by?

Definitely the people around me like NiNE8and even like other artists from west such as Lord Apex and Fin Foxell . Being in the room with someone when they create a project from scratch and then seeing them perform it in front of a crowd of people, it’s like when you see the people around you actually like doing well it really encourages you to do well.

Any advice for people trying to make it in the music industry?

I would just say don’t put yourself in a box and be true to yourself. Even if you have a sound that is less mainstream and you think it’s going to take you longer to get to a certain point, your unique sound is what will make you outshine others. If you have that kind of different style don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it.

Big ups to Lorenzo for taking the time to speak with us and most importantly for trusting us to create the awesome Dice collection. Take a chance and cop some Lorenzo’s Dice merch here.

– Rachel & The KH Team  
Transcribed by Stella
Photography by Rachel

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